Thursday, September 27, 2007

My seriously funny son!!

So TJ was super excited about his new cousin (when Braedon was to him- a theory). He got a bit more excited when I told him his new cousin was here. In his words "her's a havin' a baby!! Yay!"

Yeah- the excitement lasted until tonight when he realized his Uncle Michael couldn't come over (and TJ is ALL about the Uncle Michael!)...our dialogue:

TJ: Is Uncle Michael coming over?
Mommy: No, Aunt Amber and Uncle Michael had a baby, remember?
TJ: NO!! Aunt Amber didn't have a baby! She had a chinchilla, and he's up in the tree calling for help!

I'm still laughing as I type this. My poor son in serious denial.

So much going on!!!

So much going on.....thought I'd give a quick update. TJ has been super sick. Took him to the doctor yesterday, he has a viral infection (and he is letting us know!!)
So a quick run-through before he starts crying again- in no particular order:

My nephew was born yesterday-

Braedon Asher-Noah 8 lbs. 6.1 oz 20 1/2 in long
My SIL did AMAZING!!! No epidural, from the time at 7:30 where there wasn't TOO much progress until she delivered him at 9:42.....amazing.

Had my first class at the SA last weekend. Don't know why I was so nervous, now. I loved it, can't wait for my next one!! So exciting!!!

Kids learning so much. We've been doing sign language, and TJ has loved it!! So I decided to teach them a little German (I had it in high school, can't believe I remember any of it!). TJ also got a big boy bike instead of a tricycle, and that's been the big thing for him now!! Teaching Lex to read. Hope she loves it as much as me!

Random life changes in the works. So excited about doing new things, pursuing new dreams I NEVER would have imagined before....some big, some little- but loving it all.

I was tagged by the sweet and talented Anne-Camille so here are 8 fun facts about myself:

1) I hate spring and summer. I live for fall and winter, dark and cloudy, thunderstorms and rain.

2) I love repetition.

3) I have an amazing memory.

4) I'm really bad at small talk.

5) I'm super competitive.

6) I love to do outdoor things like fishing and camping, and canoeing....LOVE IT!!!

7) I love superhero movies!

8) I could live off of rice, noodles, broccoli and coffee....and be completely content!

Since I only know one other person with a blog, I tag Brandi!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Playing around

Been playing around on are 2 of the pics I've played with.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Funny Story- kinda blindsighted here

So I tell Terry and Lex 3 days ago that she (Lex) was taking care of Miss Mo Mo (her guinea pig) REALLY well, because she is getting REALLY fat. I told Lex she was doing a good job, because if she wasn't cared for, she would be really skinny and unhappy. She's been especially squeaky, so naturally we think, WOW she is really happy.

Last night I cannot sleep. I'm still up and I thought I was keeping Terry up, thinking I'm hearing him toss and turn. Then I realize it's Miss Mo Mo. And she WILL NOT STOP SQUEAKING!!! It was just loud. I try to check on her, but I don't want to wake Lex. So I leave the room and end up falling asleep.

Fast forward to this morning. Miss Mo Mo had pushed her bedding out of the cage, and I'm just looking at her, thinking, something is really off here. Cue Lex, and drumroll......

She says "there's a baby in there".
"Lex, that's not funny"
"No, mommy. LOOK!!!"
OMG there is a baby in there (her big hiding place). Look again, and wow, that's a really big baby. Wait, that's not one baby, it's two!!!!

So Miss Mo Mo came to us pregnant, and now we have 2 babies. Lex is pleased as punch. We named one Oreo (he's black and white), and TJ for some reason named the other one Teddy. And it was fun, and exciting for them. And just so neat.

Top pic: Teddy on the Left, Oreo on the right

Friday, September 14, 2007

Here and there.....

Sick kids- NOT fun. We missed the fair b/c the kids have been sick. I don't think at this point they even care.

Excited about my class in a week...YAY! First class I'll have ever taught, so I'm excited. I love learning and growing, and this is definitely growth for me. Excited to be a part of such an awesome team of amazingly talented women.

My nephew is due soon, so I'm super excited about this. Braedon....isn't that so beautiful?! My SIL is going to be such an amazing mom, this little boy has NO clue how blessed he already is.

TJ got his first puncture wound- to the forehead- and survived. Pure boy, that one. Puncture wound, bleeding everywhere, and all he wants to do is eat.

Random things I've heard lately from the kids:

"Mommy you're tiny." (thanks, TJ)
"Mommy you're PSOKY. That means great." (thanks, Lex)
Lex on the fake phone with the fake police officer "Policeman, come and arrest my mommy, she's being a BLTRS." (what's a BLTRS? It means I'm mad at you.)
TJ yelling at a random lady "You can go away now, we're blowing bubbles!! OK?? OK!!! (whispers to me) Mommy say OK. "
TJ- crying "See, I'm crying again. Here it comes, and it won't stop. See I'm crying now."

That's it, if you made it this far, hope you got a good laugh.