Tuesday, October 16, 2007

new page, random ramblings

Did a new page that I'm really loving right now. Turned out just how I wanted, and then some (which is great for me). It's really about Lex's life, how she is in life. On this day she rode her bike to grandma and grandpa's, then back home. She thought it was super hard, but she never gave up. Just like in her life. I really want her to explore paths in life a lot of people don't, and I never did: too afraid, not enough confidence in myself.... I've been making so many changes, growing so much. I want her to feel accomplished and I want her to know I AM ALWAYS THERE!!! Doesn't matter what it is, I'm behind her....

She told me yesterday "Mommy, you know why God made Daddy, me, and TJ? So you would never be lonely. And I have you so I'm never lonely". It made me cry.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Apparantly that's my new name. Not mommy anymore. TJ called me LaLa for whatever reason, and now it's stuck. Cute stuff from Lex:

Lex- "When all the parents go to sleep I get super powers and fly through the town"
"I give the best super-duper hugatoonies"

If you want to hear an amazing song, and an incredible voice, click on the Adie video at the side of my page. Seriously amazing!!! This is actually Jeremy Camp's wife. I just love her voice!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Pictures of the storm

Here are a couple of pictures of the storm I got last night. Wished it would have lasted longer, though.