Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mommy, you know what I want for Christmas?

So Lex was making her Christmas list out, and this was the conversation....

"Mommy, how do you spell "Dear, Santa?""
"D. E. A. R. S. A. N. T. A."
"Maybe we could just type this out"
"No, just write it"
"OK. How do you write "A leash for Miss Mo Mo. And poppy things"

In case you were wondering. "poppy things", it's bubble wrap.
My 4-year old daughter wants bubble wrap for Christmas. What do I say to that???
She's so funny. Honestly, it's hard to get anything out of her. She always wants to give her stuff to other people, so I was doing good to get bubble wrap out of her. But seriously, bubble wrap???!!! How does she come up with bubble wrap???!!!

It's a Lex thing.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Anyone who has come within 10 feet of me will tell you I've just been so...(insert distorted/exasperated/tired face here)....just life at the moment... So to all who have unfortunately had some sort of contact (insert half-smiling apologetic face here) So I'm sitting down for a couple of minutes before I go to sleep. Taking in life at the moment. So thankful/grateful/happy for so many things- big, and small. Not just the family thing, but stuff that means something only to me. Happy with myself: I am willing to change and grow. Happy I have people who believe in me. Thankful for those who don't, because I have people who do- and I don't have to prove myself to anyone. Really grateful for my cell phone, because I have seriously missed my sissy today!

Watching the world go by so fast, and just stopping to take in the moments. That's my new goal.

So the tiredness has set in, and the sappiness has worn off. Enjoy lots of good food tomorrow, and to those who are willing to brave the pit bulls (AKA Black Friday shoppers)- good luck!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's been awhile....

Lots of stuff going on, at the same time nothing going on. If you are a mommy, you get this.

Got rid of the 2 guinea pigs awhile ago. In case you were wondering, they were both male, Miss Mo Mo IS NOT. Enough said.

Hard times for some family members. If you read this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for them, because they need all the strength they can muster right now.

I saw our neighbor raking her leaves today. I went and asked her if I could rake them out of her yard onto our property. She thought I wanted to rake them FOR I want to rake them so my kids can jump in them. They have waited a long time to jump in a good pile of crunchy leaves. Hers were the right kind, and she let me (I know, so kind of her ha ha). So I spent a good part of the afternoon raking leaves for the kids. Here are the pictures, they had SO SO SO much fun!!! (yeah, and you bet I put them in matching shirts...I thought it would make easier for finding the right paper...)